5 Ways to Earn Customer Trust in DropShipping

Customer trust is integral to converting visitors to your DropShipping eCommerce site into customers. Building trust can be tricky, though!

The eCommerce and DropShipping experts at Armaan Resales provide five ways to earn customer trust and build a loyal brand following.

Today’s consumers are naturally distrustful of things they find on the internet – and rightfully so. Instead of relying on sources of expertise, consumers listen more to word of mouth, recommendations and reviews.

So, the question becomes, how do you show potential customers that they can trust your DropShipping eCommerce store?

1. First impressions are everything – make it a good one!

Before potential customers view your business’s reviews, their first impression will come from the look and feel of your website.

It’s crucial to ensure your website has the following:

  • Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificate (the little padlock in browsers)
  • A trustworthy look and feel
  • Easily digestible, inspiring content
  • Easy to use navigation
  • Quick page loading across desktop, mobile and tablet
  • Comprehensive product information that includes:
    • Product details
    • Delivery information
    • Returns information
    • Guarantees (if applicable)

What is an SSL certificate, and why is it important?

An SSL certificate is an encryption protocol that tells visitors to your site that they have a secure connection. Essentially, it enables a secure connection between a website visitor and a website, protecting them from potential security threats such as personal and payment information theft.

2. Build trust into every aspect of your website

When you’re a brand-new eCommerce retailer, there will naturally be fear around shopping with your unknown, small business. To turn customer fears into customer cheers, build trust into every aspect of your business.

  • Include third-party reviews – using sites like Reviews.co.uk or TrustPilot gives customers peace of mind that there are genuine reviews of your customer service and products.
  • Verifiable business address – ensure your business is listed as a Google Business with an actual, physical location.
  • Go for quality – customers are more likely to trust a brand with a well-designed website featuring high-quality images and well-written content.
  • Put a face to the name – identify who the spokesperson is for your brand. Displaying their picture or a photo of your entire team on your ‘About Us’ page adds an element of humanity to your brand and builds trust at the same time.

3. Make your website accessible

Nearly a fifth of all eCommerce buyers are disabled, and catering to this target audience will ultimately build trust with your brand and word of mouth will spread that you’re inclusive for all users.

  • Ensure dynamic parts of your website are accessible for keyboard-only users.
  • Ensure videos aren’t on auto-play and that closed captioning and transcripts are available when played.
  • Ensure your website caters to users affected by one of the various forms of colour blindness. This can include using monochrome borders to separate content.
  • Use alt text to describe images in depth for visually impaired users.
  • Ensure your website is structurally sound with correct HTML headings for easier screen reader accessibility.

4. Provide exceptional customer support

It’s no secret that consumers are more likely to complain about something wrong than something that has gone right. Providing your customers with empathetic customer service and responding to queries in a reasonable amount of time is paramount to building your brand’s trust and reputation.

Tips for providing excellent customer service:

  • Provide an avenue for customers to have their queries answered outside of business hours. Artificial Intelligence (AI) live chat is perfect for this.
  • Ensure your customer service covers all your selling channels.
  • Continually educate and train those in customer service.
  • Be consistent with every customer interaction.
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  • Clearly state your delivery and returns process so that customers know exactly what to expect at every step of their purchase’s journey.

5. Be consistent with your communication and marketing

No matter which channels your brand operates on, from social media posts to blogs and emails, your tone of voice, values and style should remain consistent.

Decide on your brand’s persona, colour scheme and values and make sure you perpetuate it across all forms of communication. It provides stability for customers and is a long-term trust-building strategy. Remember, it can take a while to build trust, but it takes only one instance to lose it. Setting up a DropShipping eCommerce store and building customer trust is second nature to Armaan Resales. Get in touch to discover how we can help you start your DropShipping journey with tried and trusted practices and a long history of successful DropShippers.

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