Who Are We?

Quite simply, the best at what we do.

We passionately believe that there is no other business model that competes with what we do and what we provide to our portfolio of clients. 

Best Resellers.


Armaan Resales was founded by Zaid Arshed.

Zaid is a passionate, intuitive entrepreneur with over 11 years’ experience in the DropShipping industry. Zaid’s goal was to provide clients with the autonomy to create the lifestyle they want and has now helped over 450 clients create financial success online.

Through continued development and reinvestment in our business model, processes, and automated systems, we provide clients with the tools to make significant profits through Drop Shipping across various e-commerce platforms.

With over 80 employees in 16 different countries, we are a global organization. We pride ourselves on our team of experts, comprised of negotiators, programmers, developers, and a first-class client services department.

Our Expert team

Trusted by over 100 business owners

Success Rate 96%
Customer Satisfaction 96%
Support 94%

How We Got Here

Over the years, we have heavily reinvested in this business to improve our systems, processes, and client experience strategies. Enabling the capacity to create fully functioning e-commerce stores in as little as two working weeks, with a potential for our clients to make profits from the first month of trading. Your success is our priority.