Armaan Resales Gets Bigger!

We’re excited to share that we have experienced significant commercial, team and client growth in 2021. And now’s the time to shout about it!

This growth not only makes us the world’s fastest growing dropshipping network, but it also ensures that we have the resources in place to provide all our customers, new and old, the same high-quality experience that people expect of us.

How fast are we growing? 

Though our company is just six years old, we have grown a staggering 1,529% between 2020 and 2021. It is just over 15 times the size it was last year, and still growing.

To ensure that we never drop the ball on the service we provide our entrepreneurial champions, we have also lots of very talented people – we’ve said hello to 65 new team members and that now makes us a team of 87 highly-experienced people in 16 different countries.  

Will our growth continue? 

The dropshipping market is projected to reach $591.77 billion in the next six years. The challenge for us won’t be staking out a share of that market. Instead, it will be ensuring that the value we provide for their many customers never flags.

Our market-leading reputation as a trusted partner is something we are super proud of and we remain dedicated to our mission of helping you build dropshipping businesses that provide for long-term success and financial freedom.

As Zaid Arshed, our CEO and founder at Armaan Resales, put it:

“Having reinvested profits for many years, our core focus has always been to continually improve systems, processes and client experiences. During the first half of 2021, we invested over hundreds of thousands of pounds in system improvements, which now allows us to deliver a complete, fully functioning business to our clients within as little as two weeks. Thanks to these investments, our teams are proud of the success we are enabling for our diverse client base..”

What kind of people are finding success with Armaan Resales? 

With us, people from all walks of life have finally realised their ambitions. But there is no one ‘type’ of Armaan dropshipper.

We have everyone from near-retirees boosting their incomes, successful professionals creating a business to pass onto their children, C-level professionals ready for a career change, and lots of Generation Z, who are attracted to dropshipping’s flexibility as a second income stream. That, and running a business from bed!

What does Armaan Resales actually offer?

For those of you who are new to us, Armaan Resales provides two affordable packages to create a dropshipping business.

Our Standard Package includes dedicated account management, near-complete automation, millions of high-quality products to select from, listing creation and optimisation, training and support, fulfilment, shipment and delivery, and many other benefits.

Alternatively, our Website Solution provides an even more tailored experience for clients who want their own ecommerce website.

Ready to join us? Contact us today.

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